Infrastructure As Code

Environment as Code

From Infrastructure as Code to Environment as Code

Resolve Challenges Scaling IaC By Adarsh Shah Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has made managing infrastructure easier in a lot of ways, but there are many challenges that companies accept as the cost of adopting IaC, especially when scaling. My previous … Read More

Example Environment Setup

Challenges scaling Infrastructure as Code

By Adarsh Shah Notes:1. This article is 1st one in a series of articles on “From Infrastructure as Code to Environment as Code“. This article talks about current challenges scaling Infrastructure as Code and in follow-up articles we will talk about “How … Read More

Infrastructure as Code: Principles, Patterns, and Practices

Deliver Infrastructure and Software running on it Rapidly and Reliably at Scale Notes:1. There is a certain level of Organizational maturity needed to use these Principles, Patterns, and Practices. This article is not focused on the cultural side of things … Read More